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2018 Student Portraits


            There's  2  time  periods            for  placing  an order :

*  PRE - order

       *  PROOF - order


Package  prices  are  the  same,  except  proof-ordering  has  $10  shipping  charge

P R E - O R D E R

Place  order  B E F O R E  your  Picture Day

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Packages  will  be  delivered  to  your  school for  your  child  to bring  home

P R O O F - O R D E R

View  image  A F T E R   your  Picture Day 

... generally takes lab 15 days to upload images


Special  PASSCODE  is  required to view images ... send  student's  legal  name  + school  in the 

 "Contact Us"   below

These  portrait  packages  are  shipped     directly  from  lab  to 

the  address  you  provide 


High-Resolution Digital File

For Sharing Online & Printing Photos

Please send separate e-mails for multiple children in family

Contact us for Passcode

PROOF-ORDERS .. In message area, enter STUDENT'S NAME + SCHOOL :

Please send separate messages for multiple children in family .. thanks!

Directions will be sent for online ordering with passcode to view student's image 


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